• Technical assistance

    With the purchase of a machine, we professionally train our customers for the best use of the same.

    Assistance to your product

    The technical assistance on our products is managed directly by Avezzano Sistemi Informatici itself and carried out through the AMC technical assistance centers, official partner. Technical assistance under warranty is carried out exclusively on products purchased on site.

  • Activate your guarantee

    To activate the warranty for Roland products, simply register the product on the warranty registration page. For the rest of the products in our range, the guarantee is managed directly by us.

    Technical Call Center

    Do you have a technical problem? Do you need help? Do not waste time. Request support from the Technical Call Center. The service is dedicated to users who have purchased the products: Roland, Multicam, Epilog, HQM

    From Monday to Friday | 8:30 -13 / 14:00 - 18:00

    Avezzano Sistemi Informatici - Call Center: 081 5739753

    E-mail: info@avezzanosistemi.it

  • Roland DG Care 1

    Technical assistance center / south Italy

    AMC Technical Service guarantees efficiency and quality. Organized in an optimal way to respond quickly to any need for technical support.

  • Roland DG Care 3

    Free Update

    All Roland peripherals are already complete with software for operation and use. Roland DG Corporation provides users with a space on the web to find all the latest versions of Roland software and drivers and ICC profiles.

    Go to the AMC website for more info