The Avezzano computer systems has been present on the Italian market since 1991, always with the aim of providing innovative technology products oriented to the simplification of production processes, in particular in the world of visual communication, conventional milling and 3D modeling.

From the very beginning, this company has moved on the market with a precise orientation: innovating artisan procedures without altering their value, indeed adding them, with the help of machinery suitable for this purpose.

Today Avezzano has a very wide range of products: from large format digital printers, both solvent and UV, to LASER or plasma cutting systems, through large format milling to three-dimensional scanners for the detection of objects. It distributes some of them nationwide exclusively, some in collaboration with regional partners of proven experience, but for all it guarantees the technical assistance service and after-sales support. The benefits that the ethical, technical and commercial choices of Avezzano made in recent years have led to the working life of the company itself and its customers push us to continue on the same path.

Today more than ever we believe that the creation of products, even if made with highly technological tools, can not be separated from a very strong human component, made of design, functionality, quality and good taste.

We will therefore continue to innovate and propose new technologies, but at the same time keeping firmly at the center of our research the human and ethical values ​​in which we believe.