La periferica stampa&taglio SOLJET PRO XR-640

    Print & Cut

    What does a printing & cutting device mean? Simply that in addition to the printing function, typical of a large format device, you have the ability to exactly cut out the graphics when printing on adhesive vinyl.

    In this way you have three devices in one: just print, to print on the many materials available today by the many manufacturers. Only cut, to create adhesive inscriptions with colored vinyl. Print & cut, to make adhesive graphics of every shape and color.

    ECO-SOL MAX3 inks

    The SOLJET PRO 4 XR-640 can be equipped with the new Roland DG inks: the ECO-SOL MAX3. Fast drying speed, larger cartridges and lower cost per cc of ink, for better quality performance. Quality, durability and reliability typical of every Roland DG product.

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    ECO-SOL MAX3. I nuovi inchiostri sublimatici Roland DG.

    Ink combinations

    XR-640 makes you choose the combination of ink best suited to your needs, combining the colors you have chosen in the 8 slots dedicated, according to your type of work. These are the combinations available for you:

    • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Magenta, Light Cyan,
    White and Metallic.
    • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Magenta, Light Cyan,
    Light Black and Metallic.
    • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Magenta, Light Cyan,
    Light Black and White.
    • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Magenta, Light Cyan
    and Light Black.

    PRO4 XR-640. Etichette stampate e tagliate.

    Creative power

    Professional. In every part. With Roland's SOLJET PRO4 XR-640, your way of doing graphics changes radically for the better. Structure of the highest mechanical level. Built with components and production systems with low environmental impact and certified Eco Label.

  • Structure and design

    Roland DG. 20 anni di stampa&taglio.The success and reliability of the XC-540 and the versatility of the VS-640. Two Roland products best seller in the visual communication market. SOLJET PRO4 XR-640 combines all this. 160cm of printing and cutting light. A format with which you can do everything.

    Material dragging system with Roland technology: servo motors, high precision knurled roller and total grip of the material for a linear and harmonious sliding.

    Touch the metal frame. Check the solidity of a loading system that accommodates rolls up to 40 kg and offers you an ease of use that is unmatched in digital printing. Loads and molds. No downtime. Lovely design and solidity to sell. XR-640 is the ideal companion for serious graphic designers.

    VersaWorks™ Dual RIP

    Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP software

    VersaWorks Dual is the latest generation of RIP software developed by Roland DG to take full advantage of the features of your device.

    It is designed to optimize the efficiency, speed and print quality of your jobs. Process all the most common graphic formats such as TIFF, JPEG, EPS, PostScript and PDF. It allows you to directly manage complex files with shadows, transparencies, layers with special colors and effects, without the use of additional graphics software.

    Allows you to change the color, placement and size of a graphic file, to save time and work more efficiently and quickly. VersaWorks Dual is completely in Italian and is updated for free. Includes other useful features, including:

    • Ability to manage white directly from RIP, without having to
    edit the file with a graphic software.
    • Calculation of ink consumption, to facilitate the formulation
    of the budget.
    • Roland Color System Library with more than 1000 spot colors
    and 512 metallic colors.
    • Automatic management of the PANTONE® color conversion
    in CMYK values, to get a match
    chromatic always perfect.
    • Creating and saving the queue settings
    printing, to print a job with them
    characteristics at a later time.
    • Variable Data Function.
    • Nesting function to optimize the use of the material.
    • Ability to manage up to four at the same time
    Roland DG peripherals.


    Quality without compromise

    The XR-640 is equipped with the new Gold Plated gold-coated heads, which keeps dust and residual material or ink away from the printing nozzles, to guarantee a perfect print quality.

    Seven different drop sizes, chosen according to the selected print resolution.

    The heads you find on Roland products, as well as on XR-640, are tested one by one before being installed, to guarantee the quality and detail that you expect from a Roland.

    Alcune delle applicazioni realizzabili con la XR-640

    Optional dryer

    XR-640 has a heating and drying system already installed. However, it is also possible to install an optional DU-640 dryer for materials with low ink absorption or for files with metallic or white ink that require faster drying.


  • « We focused on the speed and reliability of the XR-640 for shooting The printer has been running all night, totally unattended. The following morning, the graphics were completely wrapped around the rewinder, ready for application.»

    Joe McNamara, Lotus F1 Team Graphics

  • « Even when the store is closed, XR-640 continues to work. I launch the press in the evening and when I open the morning, it is perfectly rewound. From the first day we turned it on, it has allowed us to fully satisfy our customers' requests.»

    Tony Lane, Think Image (Bristol, UK)

  • TrueVIS SG 1

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    We are at your disposal for a detailed demonstration on the potential of the product, the features, the possible applications.

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Technical specifications

Metodo stampa e taglio

Piezoelettrico/Scorrimento a frizione 



da 315 a 1,625 mm


Max 1.0 mm con liner (stampa)
Max 0.4 mm con liner e 0.22 mm senza liner (taglio)

Outside diameter of the roll

Max 210 mm

Weight del rotolo

Max 40 kg

Internal roll diameter

76.2 mm o 50.8 mm

Width print*1

Max 1,600 mm


Cartridge ECO-SOL MAX3

Cartridge 500cc (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, light black)

Cartridge 220cc (metallic, white) ECO-SOL MAX2


7 colori (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, light black) oppure
8 colori (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, light black, bianco) oppure
8 colori (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, light black, metallico) oppure 8 colori (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, metallic, white) 

Print resolution

Max 1,440 dpi

Cutting speed /Blade strength

da 10 a 600 mm/s (da 10 a 300 mm/sec in the sense of loading the support) / da 30 a 300 gf


Tipo: Roland CAMM-1 compatible series/ Offset lama: da 0.000 a 1.500 mm

Resolution Software (cut)

0.025 mm/step

Distance accuracy (print) *2 *3

Errore inferiore a ± 0,3% of the distance traveledo ± 0,3mm, whichever is greater 

Distance accuracy (taglio) *2

Errore inferiore a ± 0,4% of the distance traveled ± 0,3mm, whichever is greater. When distance correction is set from the menu [CUTTING MENU] [CALIBRATION] : Lower error a ± 0,2% of the distance traveled ± 0,1mm, whichever is greater. 

Ripetibilità del taglio *2 *4

±0.1 mm o inferiore

Accuracy of alignment for printing and cutting *2 *5

± 0.5 mm or less

Accuracy of the alignment for printing and cutting when loading the material *2 *6

Errore inferiore a ± 0,5% of the distance traveledo ± 0,3mm, whichever is greater 


Impostabile da 30 a 55°C 

Asciugatore *7

Setting from 30 to 50°C


Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, switching automatic)

Energy saving

Sleep Mode automatic


AC da 100 a 120 V ±10 %, 12 A, 50/60 Hz o AC da 220 a 240 V ±10 %, 6.5 A, 50/60 Hz


Working: Ca. 1,600 W / Sleep mode: Ca. 47 W

Livello emissione acustica

Working: 65 dB (A) o inferiore /Standby: 45 dB (A) o inferiore

Dimensioni / Weight (con stand)

2,948 (L) x 1,211 (P) x 1,260 (A) mm / 205 kg

Ambient operativo


Recommended environmental temperatures: 15 - 32°C, umidità: 35 - 80% (in the absence of condensation) 


Recommended environmental temperatures: 5 - 40°C, umidità: 20 - 80% (in the absence of condensation) 


Piede, cavo di alimentazione, media clamp, lama ricambio taglierina, software RIP (Roland VersaWorks), manuale d’uso, ecc. 

*1 La lunghezza della stampa o del taglio è soggetta alle limitazioni del programma.

*2 Using correctly loaded Roland media, temperature 25 ° C, humidity: 50%, use of all pinch rollers, 25 mm or more for left and right margins and 35 mm or more for front edge, excluding expansion or contraction of support with corrections and calibrations performed. Not guaranteed when the heater or dryer is used.

* 3 Use of specific Roland film, one meter long.

* 4 The [PREFEED] menu must be set to "ENABLE," support greater than 610 mm in width and 4 meters in length. Supports with a width of 610 mm or less and a length of 8 meters.

* 5 Support in use less than 3 meters. Excluding possible movements caused by the expansion / contraction of the support or reloading of the support.

* 6 Using Roland-specific supports, 1 m in the direction of sheet movement and 1.6 m in the direction of cart movement. No lamination. Automatic determination of the 4 marks when the media is reloaded. During cutting, the [PREFEED] menu must be set to "ENABLE." Excluding the effects of accidental or other movements and the expansion and contraction of the media.

* 7 Warm-up is required after switching on. This can take between 5 to 20 minutes and depends on the operating environment. The preset temperature may not reach the set temperature due to the ambient temperature and the width of the media in use.

Roland VersaWorks System Requirements *

Operating system

Windows® 7 Professional o Ultimate (32/64-bit);
Windows Vista® Business/Ultimate (32/64-bit);
Windows® XP Professional Service Pack 2 o successivi (32/64-bit)


CoreTM2 Duo, 2.0 GHz or higher (recommended)


 1 GB o più; Windows 7 e Vista: 2 GB o più (recommended)


Risoluzione 1,280 x 1,024 or higher (recommended)

Spazio libero su hard-disk

40 GB o più (recommended)

Hard-disk file system




* Roland VersaWorks è un’applicazione a 32 bit che lavora su sistema Windows® a 64 bit. 

Software Applicativi
Adobe® Illustrator® 10, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 / CorelDRAW® 11, 12, X3, X4, X5

Modello Description



ESL5-5CY Ciano, 500cc
ESL5-5MG Magenta, 500cc
ESL5-5YE Giallo, 500cc
ESL5-5BK Nero, 500cc
ESL5-5LC Light ciano, 500cc
ESL5-5LM Light magenta, 500cc
ESL5-5LK Light nero, 500cc
ESL4-MT Metallico, 220cc
ESL4-WH Bianco, 220cc
Cartucce di pulizia ESL5-CL Liquido di pulizia, 1pz.
Lame ZEC-U5025 Per vinili spessi, riflettenti e fluorescenti, 5pz.
ZEC-U5022 Per vinili spessi, riflettenti e fluorescenti, 2pz.
Porta lame XD-CH2 Porta lama con lama regolabile, in alluminio.
XD-CH3 Porta lama con lama regolabile, in resina.


Riscaldatore opzionale DU-640 e sistema di ventilazione
Asciugatore Metodo di asciugatura (con sistema di ventilazione), range di impostazione temperatura da: 30 a 55°C (*1)
Supply (*2) AC da 100 a 120V ±10%, 5 A, 50/60 Hz o AC da 220 a 240 V ±10%, 3 A, 50/60 Hz
Consumption Ca. 650 W
Weight 26 kg
Ambient operativo Acceso temperatures: da 15 a 32°C - (raccomandati 20°C o più), umidità: da 35 a 80% (in the absence of condensation)
Off temperatures: da 5 a 40°C, umidità: da 20 a 80% (in the absence of condensation)
Accessories included Cavo di alimentazione, supporti, boccole, porta cavi, barre, chiave esagonale, dadi, rondelle, manuale.

*1 Attendere il raggiungimento della temperatura dopo l'accensione. Questo richiede dai 5 ai 20 minuti, a seconda dell'ambiente operativo. La temperatura impostata potrebbe non essere raggiunta a seconda della temperatura dell'ambiente operativo e della larghezza del supporto.

*2 Assicurarsi di collegare la macchina ad un circuito elettrico dedicato.Verificare l'amperaggio del fusibile in uso.